It Takes Teamwork for Accountants to Thrive

When wellness is a priority, some time for rest and recreation is just a hop, skip, and a jump away.

Accounting jobs in the Philippines abound. But for accountants who want a thriving career, the challenge is finding a company that gives you relevant training opportunities, great pay and benefits, and supportive teams.

It’s crucial, especially when leading Generation Z or those born between 1995 and 2010, to “work to create a team culture that allows for vulnerability, open communication, and makes time for mental recovery.” 
Authors Jenny Fernandez, Kathryn Landis, and Julie Lee (an executive coach, global coaching firm founder, and psychologist, respectively) made this recommendation in their January 2023 article “Helping Gen Z Employees Find Their Place at Work.”

Amplifying human connections

Open communication was among the objectives for TOA Global and Ab² Institute of Accounting’s team-building activities in July. Taking place on four continents, Deep Dive X gave us the opportunity to solve interesting challenges, share meals, and unwind outside of work. 
“We combine an educational part to our yearly team-building, along with the team just having fun,” wrote Nick Sinclair, who started TOA Global in 2013. The X in the team-building activity’s name referred to the company’s 10th anniversary this year.  
“With over 3,500 team members enjoying a day together, the human connection is alive!”

Deep Dive X: Taking some time for some fun under the sun!

Among the activities that stood out when TOA Global Cebu gathered for team-building on July 7 was Minefield. “Everyone here needs to cross from one end of the field to the other in just 30 minutes,” instructed Deanna Florendo, TOA Global’s Director of Event Experience and Programs.  
Team members were asked to cross the field in pairs, with one of them blindfolded and the other one talking them through, so they could avoid hitting the picnic chairs and other obstacles scattered on the ground.  
The point of the exercise? Teams that know where they’re going, how they’re going to get there, and communicate with clarity and trust get things done efficiently and effectively.

Where do we want to go?

Team members based in Clark, Manila, and Tarlac gathered for Deep Dive X on July 21 in the 10-hectare Aqua Planet, the largest waterpark in the Philippines.  
For one of their activities, attendees formed different teams and then passed a giant beach ball around while music played. Teams that had the ball when the music stopped every few seconds had to stop moving like they would in a Statue Dance game. Teams that dropped the ball were eliminated until a winning team emerged. 
Like other effective team-building games, this was a fun way for attendees to practice communicating quickly, unite behind a shared goal, and problem-solve as a team.

Our team in Australia take part in the TOAmazing Race challenges. Who composed the champion team? That would be (top row, center photo, from left to right) Rod Edge, Jason Brindley, Lauren Van Nieuwmans, and Koby Parcell Cruz.

When our team in Australia’s Gold Coast had their team-building day on July 14, they spent part of it completing tasks as part of the TOAmazing Race. Challenges included recording a video of team members working out and solving riddles. 

“The Gold Coast team-building this year was a wonderful opportunity for us to come together and celebrate all that’s been, and to reflect on where we want to go with a wonderful session we went through with Linda Steffens and Blu Jay Coaching. We had an absolute blast, going into groups and taking on the TOA Amazing Race,” wrote Koby Parcell Cruz, our Vice President for Marketing Growth in the Asia-Pacific region.

“Lots of jokes, laughs and some healthy competition, all allowing us to connect and get to know each other better, that then went into a beautiful lunch, a pause in time with great food and lovely conversation. We all spend so much time together working through the week, and this was just truly special, to connect and build on wonderful relationships.” 

Fun in three hemispheres! While our team in South Africa (top two photos and second row, left) enjoyed an escape room challenge in Cape Town, our team in the U.S. hit the greens in sunny Fort Worth, Texas. Congratulations to the winners! South Africa’s winning team (top photo, left): Tinus Smit, Karlia Agenbach, Angela Kruis, and Riaan Strydom. North America’s Top Golf winners: Diogo De Oliveira, Juan Pablo Tarin, and Bruno do Nascimento.

Memorable relationship-building

Our TOA Global teams in Fort Worth, Texas and Cape Town, South Africa both had their team-building day on July 21. For the South Africa team, it was a chance to enjoy a beautiful winter day in Cape Town. 
“Our South African team-building was a time for us to get to know each other a little bit more without any time constraints. That sort of relationship-building can be rare in our set-up as some of us are in Johannesburg and others in Cape Town, some 1,400 kilometers away,” wrote Bronwyn Barlow, TOA Global’s Head of Content.  
“Memories were made and we laughed until our cheeks hurt. The afternoon’s tasks were definitely challenging and really got us to band together and push ourselves into different ways of thinking, too. Our team Whatsapp group has been pinging with photos and jokes ever since!”

For our North American team, the team-building activity was a sunny summer afternoon at Top Golf. Participants also enjoyed the buffet and received gift bags with TOA Global-branded apparel. 
“It was all fun and games as the team showed off their golf skills and competed to see who would take top prize in a friendly game of driving, slicing, and chipping,” said Shawn Sande, our Head of Marketing for North America.   
“This event offered the perfect venue for us to reflect on the first half of the year, celebrate our wins, and enjoy the company of our office mates. Fun was had by all, and we left energized and ready to jump into the rest of 2023.”

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