Life at TOA

Life at TOA

At TOA Global, we reward our people for being part of our family. Whether it’s the market-leading salaries, free coffee, free professional training and certifications, or funky office spaces – we create the perfect place for you to feel at home, safe and supported while you work.

Outstanding teams

Work alongside the most talented people in your field. You will be surrounded by an international team of exceptional accountants, bookkeepers and support crew, so you can learn from each other and level up quickly. Collaborate with experienced business professionals in global accounting firms across many specializations in the U.S.A., Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.

Free Moderna Vaccine

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, our leadership team has spent a great deal of time mapping out options to ensure the continued protection of our employees.

We are offering our employees the Moderna vaccine, which is our best hope to protect every aspect of our employees’ lives.

Vaccination is free of charge and will be on a voluntary basis.

Workspaces designed for you

We’re passionate about cultivating an environment where you can thrive. That’s why our workspaces are designed around health and wellness, so you can feel your best in and out of the office. All our offices offer free coffee, fun events, and comfortable spaces so you can prioritize your well-being




Our culture is founded on the 3 Cs: collaboration, creativity and confidence. With open-concept office spaces and free unlimited professional training, we offer all the support you need to achieve your accounting career goals – and enjoy yourself while doing it.

Strong values

We bring the wow
We commit to doing our best work and go the extra mile to ensure that we deliver. We don’t just want to satisfy, we want to delight.
Be awesome
We celebrate success and progress and also have fun together. Exceptional individuals and team performance are recognized and rewarded.
Dream big, achieve more
We have a thirst for knowledge and self-improvement with ambitious goals to drive results. We have a culture of paying it forward and sharing our learning with others.
We keep it real
We are real, accountable, and committed with a preference for open and honest conversations. Compassion, empathy and understanding for all are important values for us.

Balance the books

We know that a fulfilling career goes beyond time spent in an office. Accounting careers at TOA Global include flexible hours, opportunities to work from home and the potential to travel. We also host team events and get-togethers with our clients to keep things fun while getting to know the people we work with.

Our commitment to work-life balance also means market-leading salaries, competitive benefits packages and job stability, so you can enjoy your time at work while receiving everything you need to support your family and keep growing your accounting career.


At TOA Global, we want you to live your best life and be given all the support you need to thrive, in and out of the office. So, no matter what life stage you’re in, TOA offers a wide variety of benefits to support you.

Extensive healthcare

Extensive healthcare.

Enjoy industry-leading healthcare coverage, including free regular doctor’s visits and virtual telemedicine appointments available 24/7.

Job stability

Job stability.

We know how important job security is to you and your family, so you can count on us for job stability and plenty of opportunities for career progression.

Stay in top shape - mentally and physically

Stay in top shape - mentally and physically.

Shake off calories at our office parties, join stress management and mindfulness workshops, and start your fitness journey with our monthly wellness plan.

Expand your knowledge

Expand your knowledge.

Access a wealth of tools and training through our very own education platform. Our courses are diverse, from critical thinking and cross-cultural communication to accounting industry trends. Plus, you can earn free certificates and qualifications!

Work smarter, not harder

Work smarter, not harder

We want to ensure your contributions are well reflected in your compensation. That’s why we have annual salary reviews and a string of employee incentives through our tenure recognition program (TRP) and rewards and recognition programs.

Relax and recharge

Relax and recharge

With 20 days of paid leave, you can feel free to start planning for your next family trip or solo adventure. Celebrating you is also important - so on your birthday, enjoy another full day off!

Make the most of parenthood

Make the most of parenthood

For TOA working parents, we want to make sure that work never gets in the way of bonding time with your family. That’s why we always take weekends off and take a two-week Christmas break. For new parents, we also offer (and encourage!) parental leave.

Exclusive discounts

Exclusive discounts

Here’s a little extra for you: Take advantage of substantial discounts on shopping, dining, travel, fitness, wellness, and entertainment from our lifestyle partners - just show them your TOA Global ID card.

Do good, give back

Do good, give back

Giving back to the community is part of TOA Global's business DNA. Make a positive social impact while having fun with your colleagues when you participate together in our quarterly community service projects.

Have fun with your team

Have fun with your team

Enjoy company events - including annual holiday parties, team-buildings, and monthly office happy hours.

Earn extra cash

Earn extra cash

We’re always looking for more talented people to join our team. So if you know someone who would be a great fit, we’ll happily compensate you for referring them. Through our employee referral program, you’ll receive cash for each successful hire.

Financial assistance

Financial assistance

Did you know you can apply for cash loans via our time-keeping system, Sprout? It’s fast and simple, and all TOA Global regular employees are eligible to apply. We’ll also help you cover the costs should any unexpected life events come your way.

Find your fit

Aside from a great salary package and career development, working at TOA Global means you also have a chance to make a real positive impact on someone else’s professional and personal life. I’ve been with the company for six years now, and I still find it very exciting to see the progress and growth of our employees throughout their career journey with us.

Lon Hernandez

Talent Acquisition Manager

After a year of living through a pandemic, my gratitude to TOA Global has grown tenfold because I’ve seen it step up to minimize the impact of COVID-19 as much as possible on our mental, emotional and physical health. It even expanded our health benefits and offered to vaccinate all its employees and one of our dependents for free!

Lozier Anthony Capili


Time off is very important at TOA Global, and the company makes it possible to arrange and take advantage of vacation and holiday time. We have two weeks of paid time off, which I spend with my family and friends to go somewhere different-to travel, explore, eat, and play games.

Hanjali Silos


When a company demonstrates the value of work-life balance and its leaders actively support it, that’s when you know you’re in the right workplace. I would say that TOA Global is truly committed to making sure that our work life is always balanced with our home life. 

Tomas Antonio Ricafort

Executive Assistant to Country Manager - ANZ

Ready to enjoy the good life with TOA Gobal?

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Ready to enjoy the good life with TOA Gobal?

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