Great Pay and Career Paths: Night Shift Roles with U.S. Accounting Clients


Accounting jobs in the Philippines number in the thousands each month.

But you need to look carefully to find the accounting career opportunities that will meet your expectations.

You may have heard about or know some accountants, including those who have passed the CPA board exams, who feel lost, bored, or stuck in their current roles—and guilty about how they feel.

We can help if what you want is an accounting, bookkeeping, or finance career that:

    • Pays you well: Night Shift team members earn up to 20% more in differentials.
    • Provides you with training opportunities designed for accountants.
    • Ensures you have the benefits, facilities, and tools that will enable you to work at your best.
    • Protects your work-life balance and empowers you to pursue interests beyond work, including travel.
    • Surrounds you with peers who share your interests and will encourage you to grow.

Plenty of choices: accounting jobs in the Philippines

Before joining TOA Global more than four years ago, Virgill Margarette Domondon worked in customer service for nearly two years. A role that let her focus on Philippine taxation followed.

She now works on TOA Global’s night shift as a U.S. Tax Accountant for a fast-growing firm based in Atlanta, and she loves that her client “always trusts in me and believes in what I can do.”

“They give me tasks and opportunities where I can grow as a professional. I also love how they always care about the welfare of their employees.”

Before she decided to pursue accountancy as her degree, Virgill also considered engineering, pharmacy, and nursing.

“I never had a specific course in mind before entering college. But the reason a Bachelor of Science in Accountancy stood out for me was that I was once told that accountants are in demand and earn a high salary."
U.S. Tax Accountant

Her daily work includes some administrative tasks and the preparation of tax returns, and she learns more about U.S. taxes through TOA Global’s Learning Pathways.

Beyond work, Virgill’s interests include travel, puzzles, binge-watching a series, and building Lego sets.

She had worked on the night shift before she joined TOA Global, so it wasn’t a major adjustment for her.

“I can say I adapted easily when I started with TOA Global, especially under a U.S. client. Working on the night shift actually gives me more time to do things that I want to do especially when I need to run some errands during the day. Also, I feel like I can maximize my day well. Of course, this is possible since I’m working from home on a night shift schedule.”

Do you have 2 years of accounting experience?

Better pay was the main reason Ma. Joana Masim decided to try working on the night shift.

An Accounting Advisor for a firm based in Maryland, Joana has worked with TOA Global for more than two years now. She completed the U.S. Accelerator Program in January 2022, which helped her update what she knew about U.S. accounting practices and standards.

“I love numbers – that’s why I took this career,” she said. She studied Financial Management in college and was immediately drawn to international clients after graduation because she wanted to learn about more advanced software tools.

“The approach is almost similar. The salary is more competitive than in local firms.”

In her current role, Joana’s responsibilities include bank and credit card reconciliations, sales taxes, financial statements, corporate income tax returns, and other tax forms.

“I am happy working with them because I have learned a lot,” she said.

Like all TOA Global Accelerator Program participants, Joana was paid all throughout the seven weeks she spent updating what she knew about U.S. accounting practices and standards.

“You’ll advance your knowledge with the U.S. Accelerator Program and it will help you when you start working with your client.”
Accounting Advisor for a firm in Maryland

This program is ideal for accountants who have worked for at least two years in accounting or bookkeeping roles but need an introduction to U.S. accounting—including their complex tax systems.

She spends part of her leisure time playing with her daughter, going on hikes, or travelling.

Find your place within TOA Global Careers

Your wellbeing is a priority. There are accounting jobs in the Philippines that come with punishing workloads that leave hardly any time for rest, learning, and the pursuit of interests outside accountancy.

At TOA Global, you will enjoy facilities and benefits that support your health and a workplace culture that is supportive.

Overtime is kept at a minimum, and work-life balance is taken seriously. Look at some of stories from among the 3,900+ accountants, bookkeepers, and finance professionals who are building their global careers here.

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