Work with Travel Opportunities? The Story of Two Accountants

Travel ranks high among the priorities of Gen Z and Millennial professionals, which explains why work with travel opportunities is attractive.

In 2023, TOA Global’s travel officers processed nearly 150 visa applications, as many clients invited offshore team members in the Philippines to visit them in Australia for training, in-person collaboration, and corporate celebrations. These visits ranged from a week to a month.

For accountants Lindsey Mae Libato and Trixie Anne Garcia, the visits were more than “bleisure” or that combination of business and leisure travel that has gained popularity since 2018.

While their trips included recreational and touristy activities, in true bleisure fashion, the bigger benefit came from feeling that they belonged—that their colleagues abroad valued their contributions to the business and team.

That’s just one of the many advantages that can come with an international accounting career. Those advantages include great pay and work-life integration, which make it possible for accountants to travel and nurture other interests beyond work.

2 bleisure trips to Australia in 1 year

Lindsey had worked with her client for less than a year when they first invited her to visit Australia in March 2023. She stayed in North Sydney for two weeks.

In December, her client again arranged for her to travel to Australia and stay for nearly two weeks, just in time for the holiday party.

“During the first trip, everything was very memorable for me because it was my first international trip and I wasn’t expecting it, especially since I had just been six months in TOA Global and with RES Australia,” Lindsey said.

“What stood out for me the most was visiting the iconic Opera House. And then during the second visit, the most unforgettable moment was when we attended my client’s Christmas party because it made us feel like we were not just outsourced accountants to them, but also a part of their company as well.”

In 2023, when Sydney Opera House celebrated its 50th year, accountant Lindsey Mae Libato relished the chance to see this iconic structure up close during her visit to Australia. Lindsey is in the front row, right, in the photo with her whole team.

How did the trip change Lindsey’s working relationship with her client and colleagues?

“The whole experience helped me understand more about my client’s industry and work culture as a company. Also, it built a genuine foundation for camaraderie and teamwork because we were able to know our counterparts better in person.”

Accountant Trixie Anne Garcia spent an entire month in Sydney in 2023. Trixie (front row, center, in the orange parka in the group photo) relished both the team-building and touristic moments that the trip created.

From virtual to face-to-face collaboration

Like Lindsey, Trixie Anne visited Australia for the first time in 2023, thanks to an invitation from her client, Calibre Business Advisory. 
She arrived in Sydney in the middle of May and stayed for a whole month, getting the chance to work in the Central Business District and, during her free time, “explore other sites in this great city.” 

“Every day was memorable for me, given that I was in a new environment and in a country that I had dreamt of visiting. I was working face to face with my colleagues, with whom I had only worked virtually since May 2020.” 

“What stood out for me was joining the team building in the Blue Mountains. The view was simply majestic and breathtaking. I was in awe of what nature can showcase with all its beauty and grandeur.” 
The Blue Mountains National Park spans more than 11,000 square kilometers and includes an ancient rainforest, which makes it an awe-inspiring destination for the more outdoorsy traveler. 
“We had a team presentation regarding which areas for improvement we can focus on to become more efficient and productive in dealing with compliance work,” Trixie recalled. “We were also tested in terms of problem-solving skills and teamwork when we had our annual Amazing Race.” 

How did the trip change Trixie’s working relationship with the team? 

“We have grown closer and have developed a stronger bond with each other. We also got to have a more personal connection and a stronger sense of harmony.”

TOA Global’s clients are known to arrange for their offshore team to visit Australia for some special in-office and training time. Days before Boyce celebrated their 50th anniversary in 2023, for example, they flew their shared services team from TOA Global in the Philippines to Sydney. Among other leisure activities, the team took the Red Bus tour to explore some iconic locations.

Work with travel opportunities is within easy reach of accountants prepared to grow with international firms.

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