Accounting Jobs That Support Parenthood and Wellbeing

Accounting firms in the Philippines would be wise to provide some form of employer support while their employees pursue both personal and professional goals.

This matters a lot to young accountants. Drawing from the U.S. National Pipeline Advisory Group’s discussions, after nearly a year spent looking for solutions to the accounting talent shortage, Jennifer Lee Wilson pointed out that accountants need more support while they’re preparing for the CPA board exams, for example.

"There’s other things around it, but the biggest issue is that life gets in the way. Accountants need to get to work, they’re buying homes and getting married and having children, and studying for that CPA exam is tough, especially with significant work volumes and the lack of employer support to schedule enough time to study."
Jennifer Lee Wilson
Facilitator, National Pipeline Advisory Group
From “Fixing the Pipeline Problem” in Accounting Today, 17 June 2024.

At TOA Global, the engagement initiatives organized for all team members to choose from in May 2024 highlighted the themes of motherhood, wellbeing, and diversity.

We released an updated Maternity Benefits Employee Guide on May 6, with a checklist, links to required forms, and communication tips so that expectant team members or those planning to start a family soon will get the guidance and support they need.

Ahead of Mother’s Day celebrations, our People Experience Team hosted a webinar on May 10 – “How to Mother + Debunking Myths on Motherhood”.

Accounting jobs with learning and growth opportunities

One of the learning opportunities for the team was a short online course (about 30 minutes to complete) focusing on diversity, equality, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) principles.

For Gen Z (1996-2010), compensation remains the most important factor for choosing an employer or staying in a company. But about half of Gen Z respondents also told the U.S. career community Handshake that they would leave if their employer fell short of their expectations for diversity and equality.

Two other learning sessions took place ahead of the first weekend of May, to support the team’s progress through their professional development plans, which are part of our TOA Learning Pathways. These sessions were:

A webinar on May 3 for the Australia and New Zealand Team, who work during the day shift: Depreciation on Assets (with 60 participants, who gave the session a 93% rating).

A webinar on May 3 for the North America Team, who work during the night shift: U.S. Tax Series: Property Depreciation (with 115 participants, who gave this a 100% rating).

And because May can sometimes be a stressful time for young accountants – particularly those taking the CPA board exams or awaiting its results – we emphasized that one doesn’t have to be a CPA to launch a rewarding career working with international firms.
All you need is two years of accounting or bookkeeping experience and a willingness to learn, and you can launch an international accounting career.

A career that supports your wellbeing

May was also the first full month of friendly competitions in the much-anticipated sportsfest.

With 846 individuals participating, League of TOA Legends has created plenty of opportunities for team members to hone their teamwork and communication skills, find colleagues who share their interests, and simply unwind.

This annual sportsfest is a key part of our Wellbeing Program, which focused on the physical dimension of wellbeing in April-June. It was rewarding to see our team members bond with one another over a shared interest in badminton, basketball, volleyball, and six other sports (including Mobile Legends).

Accounting firms in the Philippines are competing for experienced yet teachable professionals. This means you have so many options open to you. We highly recommend finding career opportunities that will protect you from burnout and support your life goals, whether or not that includes parenthood.

Meet our TOA Global team. They include a high-level accountant who worked remotely for a year then decided he missed the collaboration that being in an office together facilitates.

Career moves for elite accountants

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