Refer a Mate Who’s an Accountant a Bookkeeper an AU Auditor a U.S. Auditor

Surround yourself with achievers and be rewarded for helping top accountants and their firms unlock growth in 2024.

Refer your amazing past colleagues or friends who are:

Accountants or Bookkeepers

with 2+ years of experience, especially those who have worked with Australian, New Zealand or North American clients

Accelerator Program Prospects

With 2+ years of accounting or bookkeeping experience in local firms

Certified Public Accountants (CPAs)

with 2+ years of experience


with at least 2 years of work experience. Higher rewards apply for your referrals with 5+ years of Australian or North American experience!

Helping a friend launch a global career is one of the most rewarding things you can do

And we’ll provide an incentive as an added bonus. For every qualified referral of yours who is hired in 2024, you will receive:
for every hired Accountant, Bookkeeper, and Non-Accountant (including Admin Assistants, Paraplanners)
for every hired CPA with 2+ years of experience
for every hired CPA Senior Accountant with at least 5 years of experience
Limited offer until end-July 2024!

Earn ₱10,000 for every hired Accountant, Auditor, or Bookkeeper with 5+ years of experience working with Australian, New Zealand, or North American clients

Reasons to Refer a Mate

Feel-good Rewards

You will help a friend grow their global accounting or corporate career, with learning and development opportunities and a healthy work/life balance.

Financial Rewards

You’ll receive referral rewards you can add to your travel funds, savings, or spend on a special treat for your loved ones—whatever you want.

Facilitate Connections

Build stronger bonds in your professional network and surround yourself at work with people you admire and trust.

Your friends prefer working at night?

Working the night shift means you can work with our amazing North American clients, have less traffic, fewer distractions and receive up to 20% higher pay. Not to mention, some people are naturally just more productive at night!

You probably know some highly qualified accountants, auditors, or bookkeepers in your professional network who prefer working on the night shift to joining the 7-to-4 crowd. Tell our Talent Team about them and receive rewards when they are hired and join TOA Global.

It’s so easy! Here’s how you can Refer a Mate:

Step 1

Look at our current openings for Accountants, Auditors, Bookkeepers, and Certified Public Accountants.

Step 2

Reach out to a friend or former colleague who meets the qualifications for these open roles. Share career opportunities by email, social media, or chats with your professional network.

Step 3

Fill in the form on this page
with your referral’s details.

For our kind referrers, a handy reference

All TOA Global employees qualify for these incentives, except for: 

  • Members of the Talent Acquisition Team
  • Hiring Leaders, interviewers, or anyone involved in the recruitment process and the decision to hire
  • Managers, Heads, Directors, Senior Leaders, and C-suite executives
  • You will receive 50% of the reward when your successful referrals complete their third month with a client at TOA Global.
  • The remaining 50% will be paid if your referral completes their sixth month at TOA Global.
  • For Accelerator Program, you will qualify for a reward if your referral is hired by a TOA Global client.
  • Referrals should be hired within 2024 for the specified roles.
  • Rewards for referring rehires and those hired to fill temporary positions are subject to review and approval.
  • All referral rewards are subject to review at the company’s discretion.

Yes. All TOA Global employees, either regular or probationary, are eligible to participate in the RAM program.

You just need to be an active TOA Global employee at the time your referral reward payment is due. That is, the completion of the third (50% of the reward) and sixth months (50% of the reward) of your referral’s employment with TOA Global.

Please note that the referred applicant must not have an existing application with TOA Global within the last 3 months.

The referral validity or ownership period is 3 months. This means, the candidate may not be referred by another employee within those three months.

To view TOA Global’s current vacancies, please visit

Before a referral incentive is paid, the referral must meet the criteria to be considered a successful hire at TOA Global.

A successful hire is defined as a seat leasing candidate who is hired by TOA Global and begins working with a TOA Global client.

For rehires/returning employees and those hired to fill temporary positions, the referral rewards are subject to review and approval.

For further information regarding the TOA Global Refer a Mate Program, please contact: (for North America/Night Shift roles) OR (for Australia and New Zealand/Day Shift roles).

Help someone launch a global career today.

Alternatively you can send your application via email. 

For dayshift roles (Australia or New Zealand):

For nightshift roles (North American):