Elite Accountants are key to unlocking growth in firms

Elite Accountants are key to unlocking growth in firms

Without dedicated Accountants at work, firms would find growth taxing. Accountants make it possible for firms to generate valuable advice that fuels businesses, makes uncertainty more manageable and drives growth.

As a global talent solutions provider for the accounting industry, we support firms by finding elite talent for them.

We’re always on the lookout for Accountants who want to work with international clients and are elite: highly skilled, honest and open to lifelong learning.

How to know if this is the right role for you

You want to surround yourself with the best accounting minds—business leaders and colleagues who stay curious when the industry changes and who adapt as best as they can.

You’re committed to building a brilliant career and creating meaningful opportunities for yourself and others. You love to solve problems, prevent waste and unlock new resources that firms can use to grow better.

As a global talent solutions provider for the accounting industry, we are a people business at our core.

Like all TOA Global team members, you will receive a great salary package, unlimited training to support your growth, and industry-leading benefits and facilities to help you protect your wellbeing, even as you deliver brilliant results

What will you do as an Accountant?

The strategy and service offerings of the accounting firm you work with will shape your day-to-day tasks. What’s essential is your ability to present financial data clearly and to draw from them insights that improve business decisions.

Our Accountants typically take ownership of:

Balance sheets

Manage balance sheets and profit/loss statements

Financial auditing

Audit financial transactions and documents to present business transactions precisely

Tax payments and returns

Compute, prepare and process tax payments and returns

Financial reporting

Receive in-depth KPI reports and financial statements to determine your company’s health and liquidity

Payables and receivables

Reconcile accounts payable and receivable and ensure timely bank payments

Budget forecasting

Offer great advice to help firm leaders make informed decisions based on financial data

Payment tracking

Track payments to internal and external stakeholders


Ensure accurate financial reporting and compliance with tax regulations, as well as handle monthly, quarterly and annual closings

Collective brilliance begins with the right qualifications

When you join TOA Global, you will gain access to courses run by our dedicated training division, Ab² Institute of Accounting. To land this role, the desired qualifications and backgrounds include:

+ Degree

Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Finance or a relevant discipline

+ Software

Experience with accounting software such as FreshBooks, QuickBooks, Xero and MYOB

+ Certifications

Additional certification (CPA or CMAR)

+ Excel mastery

Advanced MS Excel skills, including Vlookups and pivot tables

+ Experience

Work experience as an accountant

+ Functions

Experience with general ledger functions

+ Knowledge

Excellent knowledge of accounting regulations and procedures, including Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)

+ Precision

Strong attention to accuracy and detail, amplified by analytical skills

Build a brilliant career with us

We’ll help you map out an accounting career path that unlocks your potential. Find the right role for you today.